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Sikiş İzle

I dont like Beckham. My favorite is Rooney :)

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both are attractive and both have style. perfect fashionable couple. i love it

Saç Bakımı

Beck and Vic do not seem like a couple to me. They seem like brands.


OMG... This Post is Great!! So FUNNY & Soooo True !! Good Read ..... Thanks


Great posts everyone! I love this couple too!!

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For his sake, I hope there have been extensive studies about how hair wax reacts with gatorade.

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They look so good together.
Wonderful blog!

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She probably forced him to get that hairstyle.


Nice hair. I like that couple. Thanks for this.

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Hair Dryer

His hair looks better than hers does, I wonder who spent more time with their stylist.


I really like David's hair in this picture. Victoria is perfect for him and I like also her hair. They are perfect couple, very cool. Keep blogging

Hair Extension Expert

Pretty interestng and good post about soccer player D.Becham. Its really stylish and cute hair style which can follow who love Becham. Even i had tried it but didnt work it properly. It's an awesome hair style for every young guys who loves soccer.

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it's not that hard to be that stylish when you got that money :)

Roy Chiu

The hunk and the sexy couple are really, really amazing in their new hair style! I knew it! It's Marvin Carrington of hair salon in new york who does it!

Roy Chiu

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Roy Chiu

Wow! Hot couple! I love their hairstyle! Marvin Carrington Of macstyle in new york must have done this!

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she looks good, they look good together


the suit is just great...and it really goes with her dress

Curtis Mchale

It's not that bad really. I think the clean face contributes more to the 'chic look' rather than the hair. I saw someone who had the same hair done when we were in one of those hair salons in Santa Monica - probably a soccer/Beckham fan I suppose.

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I am a big fans like guys all over the world of David Beckham, him!

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