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Sorority Girl

Posh's hair : Beckham's hair :: Posh's dress : Beckham's suit


Becks is bringing the concept of men having cool haircuts to the USA. You should have a whole section on American men who still are wearing the same haircut that their Mama's gave them when they were 7 years old. Don't get me started on the average American man and their sad choice of footwear.


I think thats a great hair style for him, even if it does look similar to Posh's


Another Dave with a great hair style! :-) Well.. not quite as cool as mine I'm sure you will agree!!


It is cool hair.
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I just wanted you to know, GET BACK TO THE KITCHEN YOU JUDGEMENTAL WHORE! Women should be baking pies not clucking like hens. You disgust me, and other find you a disgusting waste of precious earth and oxygen too. I hope you get shot and you're allowed to rot in your own urine and feces. Even that would be to good for a "butter" face like you.

With Love,

Anon :)

Jennifer V.

both are a perfect couple


This is possible the dumbest blog in all entirety. No, not this post specifically, but this blog. It's clear you have no life. You must have like...... 3 or less friends in your life because it seems you have no time for anything but making petty judgmental gossip about people who couldn't give two shits that you even exist.

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David looks good with any kind of hairstyle. I think his hair looks good in this pic.

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hey I like his hair !!! is too stylish!!!!

Steve Grindley

England :)


This is too funny... where are you guys??? it's been awhile!

Account Deleted

David and Victoria seem to enjoy wearing matching clothes such as baseball caps, sarongs, and leathers. They have matching diamond rings, had matching haircuts at one time, and matching Rottweilers, Puffy and Snoop Doggy Dog
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Denise Knowles, a relationship counsellor and sex therapist, said of their need to be matching, "When couples get together they want to be of each other's lives. But this can lead to their stifling each other ... If they are too busy trying to create a mirror image and concentrating too much on what's on the surface, emotionally things could go wrong."


They are a stylish couple and I have many clients coming in to my salon and wanting to look like them.

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they look very stylish...
like they got pimped from us....
love from Greece

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he could wear a pink mohawk and still look hot to me lol


i actually like it. does look a little creepy whne they stand together. But apart its fine.

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Does anyone know a stylist that does Victoria Beckhams cut really well. Does anyone have the cut with a pic?I live in South FL they must be in the area.


You want that cut (in the photo) or her latest cut?

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Love the couple. They have been together for a long time now and are still going strong.

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They really are meant for each other.

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very interesting post about The Beckhams: A Hair Twin Study thanks for sharing I really enjoyed reading!!


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