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I think flat straight hair and color black or blonde is fit to her. She will look gorgeous on it, I'm sure. Thank you for sharing this.

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Kelly has really gotten her act together these days. Planning on removing a few tats while she is at it.

Remy Hair Distributors

Kelly is doing great these days. She has lost a ton of weight and looks fantastic. Go Kelly!

Remy Hair Distributors

I've had days when I felt like that, but I know she has changed a lot since that pic was taken. She looks really good now.

Remy Hair Distributors

Looks to me like she is trying to go incognito and hide from the photographers. I recently saw her on ET and she looked really great. She is cleaning up her act these days.

Remy Hair Distributors

Have you seen her recently? She looks great!


I agree! Poor Kelly, she got the wrong wig. Not flattering at all.

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The wig does not really look that nice

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Since wigs are like clothes that are wearable, you must try it in front of a mirror before you decided to use it in a party or any event. You must also define first the shape of your face, so you have an idea which styles suit for you. Or, simply ask the opinion of an expert or closer friends. reviews

Most of the celebrities change the styles of their hair in an instant and several women are really envy because even though these celebrities regularly change their hairstyles, their hair seems to be undamaged by the chemicals used in their hair.

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She does not look that bad, but I think that the hair does not look that nice. Thanks for sharing


Ha. Not right!

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shes a hot mess to say the least and that me being nice ha ha ha lol

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wow that proves that no amount of money can help some people, she need a stylist asap

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That is fun!very good collection!

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Not very clear!

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Certainly. Why would she wear that crap.

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helpful posts. I have read most of them and got a lot from them. To me, you are doing the great work .


@Hairbook- They DO!

Wow, her hair looks horrid. I am surprised she always looks so cute on the Fashion Police!

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It's a normal hair style for girls but not for elder ladies,from my point of view.Maybe that's the way why people think it's a bit unsuitable.


It's a normal hair style for girls but not for elder ladies,from my point of view.


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gesus !! someone please tell her she needs a new wig... and face... and everything !!

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