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I guess you couldn't expect much more from Kelly Osborne right?!

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nice comment... :-)


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Fuck me! Have you realy nothing better to do other than bitch about celebrities?

Everyone else lives in the real world. We don't give a shit about celebrities or what you think about them, because we have our own lives to live, not bask in the glory of theirs, so quit whinging already. People are celebrities because they're talented, moreso than you, and jealous bitching isn't going to make them any less famous, or you a better person. In fact, you're projecting yourself as a bitter and twisted, hateful wanker. Oh, not to forget nightmare causing fugly through the way you slag every fucking single beautiful person off. Feeling a bit green, are we? Everybody is different, and has the right to be accepted for who they are, not what colour their hair is or their dress style. Stop being so prejudiced, just because they don't have PERFECT hair or whatever, doesn't give you ANY right whatsoever to say such downright degrading things about them. You should be ashamed of yourself. You really should. And another thing; if all these celebrities, if they're all so fucking hidious, let's see a photo of you darling. I'm sure you'll agree, as you're obviously not a hippocrite, and you're obviusly drop dead georgous and have an amazing figure like Christina Milian, oh no wait- you'll probably be way hotter right? With perfect hair no matter what. The concept of a bad hair day is alien to your hair right? You disgust me. Take a long hard look at yourself. If I were you, I'd commit suicide.


...everybody has a bad day, even the celebrities
think she needs a pimp my style !!!

Celebrity hairstyles Fan

God, she is gross. Everything on her was having a bad day and not just the dead wig lol

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the difference between KEllys whackyness and brittneys, is that Kelly has never denied being on the wierd side...Brittneys just kinda hit us like a ton of bricks.

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Yea i think she should just stick with her cute cuts. Ditch the wig kelly!

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Is that really her? Whoah.. anyone should borrow her comb.. anyone?


Is not the wig the problem....

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Nice one for her, It is not christmas for her everyday though!


I think I just threw up in my mouth a little

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lol looks tired and funny as hell hahaha


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d. frink

I just saw Kelly Osborne on Dr. Phil. I am so impressed I can't believe it. I saw her on her parents TV show, I didn't like her at all. I saw her AGAIN on Dancing With The Stars and thought she was beautiful. Now I couldn't be more proud of her. What a beautiful young woman. I can't say enough about her change in life. Wow..... she is awesome. Keep it up Kelly. I am very proud of You.

Zee Mathews

Ooppss! Can't stop laughing though! ;)


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Oh, this is bad.....i wear wigs sometimes and even some cheap ones look better then this


Sorry Kelly that wig looks terrible. But you now look fabulous after that dancing with the stars stint! Congrats!

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she should make an appointment with my stylist 818-508-8900 no celebrity should have fake looking hair.....

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