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KJ Rodgers

I think this may be just an awkward angle. She normally has beautiful hair.


I agree as well, but the bangs sort of work for Cristina Ricci. She always had the forehead that defined her and made her look so pronounced, but the bangs kind of give her that younger youthful look back.

I am loving her new hair,,,even though I miss the older look. Thank god she didn't keep the bob cut from Speed Racer...she'd have some serious issues then.


Kym McIlhagga

Christina Ricci has always been one for opting with a style that really does not suit her face shape.

I have always found Christina Ricci to be one of those women who have an obscure natural beauty to them.

Even when she was younger there was 'something about her'.

The cut shown here is not bad (from what we can see from the front angle) however it could so with softening off around the face and growing the bangs out into a nice little side fringe.

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She really needs to get her self some extensions. Her hair is thin and short. It makes her look unhealthy. Check out the video below to see some killer clip-in hair remy extensions for a great deal.


I wish my bangs looked this good! I guess her bad hair day is still celeb-licious. Now when the girl at the cashier stand at your local box chain store get's bad bangs... that's when you've really got a travesty to look at!

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Love it..

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I like Christina Ricci since her role as one of the kids in the Addams Family series and movie.

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She is still beautiful even though her hairstyle doesn't suit her. She is always pretty to me.

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She's really beautiful but then I don't like her hair style.. I think she would look more beautiful with blonde hair.

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She really looks beautiful no matter what hair style she is in especially now that she is thin.

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I love this hairstyle but it doesn't fit her beauty. I'm not used to seeing Christina Ricci in black ang frizzy hair. But anyways, thanks for sharing this post!

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What a bad hair day! I wouldn't go with this kind of hair style especially I'm skinny like her. It will make you look skinnier. A little of volume on hair will add more beauty. Thanks for sharing this!

Chicken runs

I never really liked hairstyle with bangs ever since. I've seen a lot of girls who has this hairstyle and I get annoyed sometimes because it doesn't fit them at all. Regarding Christina Ricci's hairstyle, all I can say is that she doesn't look good in her hair. This post just brings a lot of critics to the actress.

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I haven't seen her since the Addams Family so when I saw this post I was happy to see Christina Ricci to be all grown up and beautiful.

Kinky Twist

Can't disagree that's a beautiful girl. Don't know about the hair ;)

I wonder what she looks like in cornrows.


I like these bangs. The look good on ther and the contrast, skin to hair is striking... makes you notice her eyes.


i think her hairs is good

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Her hair looks fine! she's still pretty! Want to have hair like celebs? Check out


Her Eyes are so expressive!..


I love this pic of Christina, she looks super amazing, hair & makeup.

Stay beautiful.
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although these are horrible bangs i totally think she had the right idea. thisstyle suits her well and the color is beautiful

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I actually like her hair. She used to look weird, but I think she's blossomed into a really pretty young woman!


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Her bangs actually make her look a little sinister.

She pulls them off well though.

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