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    Spot a hideous head of hair that you want to share?

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I like it so much!!! I love her bangs. Thanks for this.

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I think her hair looks great! I like strait hair like that!


Even she had bad bangs, she is still beatiful. I like her so much. Thank you for this post and keep it up.

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I like her hair style but the bangs seems not so nice but still she is so beautiful!


Yeah, not digging the super straight bangs. Looked better on Cleopatra.

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Man Christina! I kind of like it! I think she has a great way of being different and this look is a nice change. I wonder if she's wearing indian hair extenisons for those perfect locks of hers?

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in fact. the bangs are not bad i think

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I really do not like this hair style,it is too much thin^^

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Cute smile.Maybe the bang is too straight.

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I actually like her hair. She used to look weird, but I think she's blossomed into a really pretty young woman!

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Even Christina Ricci has a bad bangs she still looks pretty and gorgeous. Thanks for posting this.


I like her hair. It looks light and natural.

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You're right she'd look great with bangs...but not these!

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Christina Ricci is a hot woman, just look at that expression in her face and those juicy lips, I figure out that she's naughty woman, I'd get crazy just seeing her.

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I'm jealous! I always wanted to have a bangs but I guess the bangs doesn't want me. Haha.

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