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    Spot a hideous head of hair that you want to share?

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I agree on all your hair comments except for the one about Christina Ricci....I personally love her in bangs!


Sorority Girl

Looks like "Casper"-style Ricci got ahold of a cheap Cleopatra Halloween wig.


eeww, hate extrtemely straightened frizzy hair.
and the bangs... yeah, AWFUL.


Oh I love her. I think she can do no wrong.


I love her hair!


i like em

Hair Girl

I have been a huge christina fan but don't love the bands. It doesn't fit her face. Maybe it is just the length of the bang. Don't but I don't love it!


Well this really dosent suit her at all, she could defintly get something far more better than this.

Lauren Conrad clothing

Lady is so gorgeous...

Akoo clothing

She has a cute smile!

 Lauren Conrad clothing

Her Eyes are so expressive!


yes this is a new free CHATROOM under


Listen, there may never be a woman as HOT or as CUTE in the same body as Christina Ricci. In a word, she is Perfect. Thank God for this incredible young woman. I don't even care if the script is any good, if she is in it I will watch it. Forgive me for my testosterone.


I've been through the phase of suffering through bangs I've hated. Clips are a great way to by pass this. I survived by creating my own clips and I 'm particularly excited by the clips and combs I just posted on etsy at


I just wanted you to know, GET BACK TO THE KITCHEN YOU JUDGEMENTAL WHORE! Women should be baking pies not clucking like hens. You disgust me, and other find you a disgusting waste of precious earth and oxygen too. I hope you get shot and you're allowed to rot in your own urine and feces. Even that would be to good for a "butter" face like you.

With Love,

Anon :)


I bang her every night in my wet dreams and she is joyous for Kazakhstan peoples. yes I am good. Borat.

VA Loans

I actually think they look nice. Kinda Hot.

Jennifer V.

awww i think she looks cute

Lily Mathilda

she looks cute!
channeling cleopatra with her hair and necklace, perhaps? :D


i love her hair
do you want to have a beautiful hairstyle, enjoy


she looks great, which is more than can probably be said for you.

the comments you make on people you will never be as successful or beautiful as just scream of your insecurities.

get a life, I beg you.

dul arkadas

hi blogs super girl muchh


I just got bangs...and I hate how quick they grow out! Looks like Christina did a little do-it-yourself trim....I tried that once too and ended up as lopsided as she does! LOL


....never do that by yourself,...
first of all , for sure , you dont have the right scissor,...
so let the professionals do it for you...
and then , for sure , it will look great...because bangs give you a special style....
so get ready to...pimp your style !!!


I love this hair! And you have cool web site. I will come back, so keep on.

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