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does anyone please know what brand sunglasses eva is wearing?! thanks.


She looks hot with this advice and tips for your hair get it here


i love eva hair like that in fact iam cuting my hair like that. it has body and its sexy hair style. thanks for posting picture


eva longoria looks elegant with her hair like that. iam a fan of her hair style in that picture.


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I LOVE HER HAIR..................!!!!!!!!


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Yeah, she looks pretty smokin' hot in this picture! And her hair looks good too. LOL

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Wow I think that she looks amazing, I love the volume I'm jealous!!!

extension girl

I think her hair looks amazing. As a stylist and a hair extension queen it totally inspires me.

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she really looks fantastic!

Natasha Lee

I LOVE Eva's hair it looks so shiny and glossy! I wonder if this salon uses any keratin treatments or if Eva does keratin treatments. I heard about a new product on the hair care market called Brazilian Gloss which boosts keratin, makes hair healthier, and gives body and shine! I'm so excited to get my treatment done soon! :) Learn more for yourself at

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I might just have to take back everything I said about Ken Paves and his lousy Jessica Simpon fake hair line. Eva Longoria is looking fantastic! The deep shade of brown is striking against her skintone. And the volume and shape of her hairstyle plays down her insect features.


What lovely hair.. is it all real?


She looks so pretty. Another great set, I appreciate all the work that you put into this site. Helping out others with your fun and creative works. Thanks for this.


She look gorgeous on this pictiure. She has a lovely hair that gives her more beautiful. Thank you and keep blogging.

Ken Paves is just brilliant! Love Eva's hair and love Jessica Simpson's hair (yet another A-list client) - the man can work miracles!


I LOVE Eva's hair in this pic! So pretty! I wish I could do my hair like that.

hair extensions

Eva Longoria is looking fantastic!

full lace wigs

looks good


zj56dn Wish I could come up with posts that cool.


Wow. What a hair. I love her hair. It looks fabulous and she looks more gorgeous of her hair. Your the best EVA.

Thanks for uploading this. Love IT!

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When I see her hair, I was amaze and wow. I love that hair it really catches me. Nice one. I love this blog. I enjoy a lot.

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