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Like Your Hair

I don't know about "insect features", but I absolutely agree with you - she looks FANTASTIC!


I love her hair and I love Ken


looks like x-men hair or something. you know how all those cartoon chicks have great hair? i didn't know people were capable of creating that in real life - because they definitely failed all three times with halle berry.


This is what I would love to do w. my hair. Love the color, the style, the volume It's gorgeous!!


fabulous cut (although the public should know that there are most definitely extensions involved), but don't we think that the color borders on the Elvira?
I really think some soft hilights would make this look a lot more natural and less severe

Sorority Girl

Colleen, I gotta agree - her hair is bluish black.

But the volume is spectacularly Topanga-esque!


if you ever want to wake up everyday with perfect hair and not do a thing to it except brush it, then visit my website


Safest Hair Extensions, Located in NY, Will travel. By Appt only.

I do hair extensions that are permanantly clipped in by a tiny bead, the hair is 100% full cuticle Human hair and it's reusable forever..once you make the purchase with the hair, you'll have it forever with proper hair care instructions & products..if anyone has any questions email me at [email protected]


like that.
so hollywood :D


I always thought synthetic hair looked too Barbie Dollish and smelled funny, it was way too shiny- all because it was basically "plastic". You couldnt curl it, blow dry it etc... I still say, no matter what- human hair is best. Go to Sallys, buy some hair, sew the clips on each end of the weft- it can be cut, curled, blow dried, colored etc... try to match it closely to your own. The hair is reasonably priced, so if you make a mistake or it only lasts a short time, you can always re-do it or invest in better hair. I get compliments constantly on mine and they dont know it only cost about $40!

Moda Greco Hairdressers

Wow...she looks absolutely amazing. lovely colour and great cut and style to the hair. I suppose it helps if you look that good though


She is truly amazing, that hair style looks spectacular.


Don't settle for synthetic extensions, they do not look natural and can't be straightened/take heated appliances!

If you have short hair, but would love 'instant' glamorous hair, like Eva, try clip in human hair extensions. They take minutes to fit, and, because they are 100% human hair, can be worn again and again for a truly stunning look.

You can purchase a 'full head' set for under £30, so they won't break the bank either!

If you want beautiful long hair, without the cost and maintenance of salon-bonded hair extensions, clip in extensions are the perfect solution.

)))))) (((((((


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Anon :)


While I agree that she looks great, I think there's a little too much volume.


That's Kim Kardashian.

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insect features? WTF

Skin Care Guru

Adore that hair color. Eva Longoria looks absolutely stunning with this style.



I agree that this looks really good... even if it's a tad dark

But this post seems sort of hypocritical

Czar bitched out quite a few people for the color being too 'inkwell' fact it was her first post ever.

So what the hell?


she does look pretty good...must be all th hair commercials shes doing lol

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i like the color ...however..she needs some highlights around her face with that style


Eva does look good in the picture, but I think if you were to see her on the street with this, it would look too fake. Great volume and great style, but it just looks too perfect.

Hair Salon Perth

Awesome volume! It really brings out her best features and compliments them.

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