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The hair style is so amazing... Thanks...

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Shame, as Penelope is normally so groomed. I loved her look for the Baftas, a perfect bun and fringe see

thinning hair

still sexy ;)

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Wow, is that Penelope I thought its a flight stewardess a very cute stewardess mwuahh.


looks like 80's-trying -to-be-farrah hair...i dont get it either

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Great news


when she has long hair extentions on that movie I cant remeber the name


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After reading this blog: Digital Perms I went out and got me a fancy digital perm. I looked like a poodle for the first month. It settled down later. It looked just like this the first month.

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I might just have to take back everything I said about Ken Paves and his lousy Jessica Simpon fake hair line. Eva Longoria is looking fantastic! The deep shade of brown is striking against her skintone. And the volume and shape of her hairstyle plays down her insect features. etc


I agree with the previous post.


At first I wanted to root for the Dutch, but after the first of their rudeness - the impact on the legs, they are still pretty and I was rooting for the Spaniards. Both teams showed rudeness, but hit in the chest Spaniard boots with studs - at all in any gate.

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Awful pictures.. Thanks for this.


She look like a doll in this picture. She has a cute face and her hair is fit to her face. She is so beautiful. I like her. Keep up the good work.

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Is there any way to prevent hair loss? I have known a few that they don't want their hair to be damaged or destroyed they applied so much product just to make it look beautiful. As far as I can remember our forefathers don't use any product to wash their hair.

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