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    Spot a hideous head of hair that you want to share?

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I think her hair looks better than most of the other celebrities that you've featured. At least it looks like her own and not extensions.


I just found your blog through Technorati and love it! Thanks for all the great ideas of what not to do with hair!


Eeek, I used to wear my hair that the 90s. That frizz is hard to get rid of without those silicone things and a flat iron.

Lynda K.

just discovered your hysterical blog and if you have a minute I'd love to have you add it to our newish blog directory, I think the gals (and guys) who use the directory to find new blogs to bookmark will dig it as much as I did.



I think your wrong. She looks great dark. I'm so tired of bleached blonde that I just want to throw up.


There's this indian actress...considered by some the most gorgeous woman in indian cinema, sh is pretty old, in her 50's but has the most mesmerising chemical treatment, just some ancient herbal oils and stuff, she has HOT hair
Her name's dimple kapadia


She has just added ten years on to her age with that strange look


Wow, yeah that is one awful bow. Makes her look frumpy.

lisa Sherry

We all have our good and bad hair days. How RUDE of you to talk smack about another person if they are having an "off" day, which by the way, I think she looks beautiful. I wonder what you look like???????? The biggest form of flatery is talkin "SMACK" !!!! HA HA !!


hahaha. i knew the czar would finally piss someone off! lisa sherry, the czar has repeatedly proven herself to be very knowledgable about hair, and is right 99% of the time! so why the hell do you think she'd dare to have the bad hair you imply she does after all the "criticizing" she does? what? you gonna tell simon cowell, "i wonder what YOU sing like!" believe me, we all know he doesn't aim to flatter. just because someone is blunt about how stupid something looks doesn't make them evil, and definitely not wrong.

btw, bad hair czar - where've you been lately? i figured since britney's been making headlines with her "hair-don't," you would've returned with another witty and hilarious post by now.



Sorority Girl

The curls are a little too chunky. Separate them, change your clothes, darken your lipstick, and SMILE!

Sorority Girl

And soften your eye makeup.


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hair loss herbal treatment

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looks fine
women without frizzy hair have straight hair
curls dont come without frizz

and i am sick of the overpolished look anyway

penelope is sexy whatever she looks like whatever she does
and that is because she always has a lot of sex (which you can tell by looking at her hair right here :) )


The thing is, it's not her real hair. If you look at old pictures of her, you can see a progression of really thick full hair that gets thinner. In the Pantene commercial and awards show and perfume ads, she's got a weave.

I've no clue what's going on here, but it's not her natural hair color, you can't see a part in her hair and it's not believable.


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Mike dan

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I just wanted you to know, GET BACK TO THE KITCHEN YOU JUDGEMENTAL WHORE! Women should be baking pies not clucking like hens. You disgust me, and other find you a disgusting waste of precious earth and oxygen too. I hope you get shot and you're allowed to rot in your own urine and feces. Even that would be to good for a "butter" face like you.

With Love,

Anon :)


more improvement on her hair :D

Buy Propecia

her face looks creepy ewwww!!!


You disgust me. Then i agree.

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