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I just wanted you to know, GET BACK TO THE KITCHEN YOU JUDGEMENTAL WHORE! Women should be baking pies not clucking like hens. You disgust me, and other find you a disgusting waste of precious earth and oxygen too. I hope you get shot and you're allowed to rot in your own urine and feces. Even that would be to good for a "butter" face like you.

With Love,

Anon :)




I actually quite like the hairstyle itself, but she reminds me of Reba McEntire.


Look's ok to me. She can get in my bed anytime.


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I like her look here. She look cute and gorgeous and of course her hair gives her a plus pretty points.


I love Lauren Holly and this haircut. Razoring or point cutting helps soften her jawline. She has beautiful eyes, and they are drawn out with her flirty fringe. A definite 10!


maybe she has hair loss: btw if anyone does this supplement and informative video by an MD is great:

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Her eye's is very charmingļ¼

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