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She used to be cute. This cut makes her look really old. It has that desperate Sharon Stone "I want to be young and hip again, I know! I'll get a cute, short, funky cut!" Bad idea. Only the very young and smooth can pull off the gamine look.


The hair's cute, lose the frankenfurter make up.


The haircut goes well with her large eyes, but her jawline now appears far too sharp.


Looks like it could be a wig. I mean, who would get their hair cut that short?


She looks soooo ooooold. What happened to the cute Lauren Holly from Dumb and Dumber?

Account Deleted

She looks like an anorexic Clay Aiken. Before he got the weave.


I'm seeing a ferret face.


wow, can you say blepharoplasty (eyelid lift? Horrible - submit her to right away!!


This woman looks like she lost her joy. I remember her with a sparkle in her eye and a killer smile. Its there somewhere Im sure but for the moment, it seems lost.


She looked old the minute she cut her long hair yrs ago, after breaking up w/Jim Carey.
Let this be a lesson to middle-aged & older (in-shape & beautiful faced) women, you need hair.
Aka Jane Fonda vs. Maria Shriver..


I remember years ago when she played in the soap (All My Children) and her hair was very short she was cute then and I think she stil is.


I Love you girls




I think she looks great. I prefer her with short hair.


she looks like an ostrich or something... i dont like it. what happened to the 'younger' lauren holly anyways?! and THAT was only last year that I saw her glisten


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I think its the poodle hair season outfit


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She reminds me of Mrs. Brady with the way her hair curls out in the back with a twist. A Mrs. Brady gone butch lesbian


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