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Account Deleted

Holy crap, it's all shiny & plastic-y like Barbie hair. Apt, yes, but good hair? No.


her hair is going down hill... It has been horrible lately....

Vertigo Virgo

She looks like a Barbie Doll from behind. you know how Barbie's hair is all shiney becaus ethey use those fine plastic filaments that melt so easily when placed over and open flame.


she looks great

hollywoodcokewhore aka itsvonnibaby

UNBELIEVABLE! i mean compared to miss britney spears recent fat suit she has been sporting LOL JESSICA is HOTT! but tht HAIR is NOTTTT! i mean its a nice style, even if synthetic was used looks like it was pinned on

Shoebuy Coupons Chick

That is hilarious and awesome. Maybe he doesn't really like her and pretends to.

brad schraer

!!!!!!WARNING!!!!! Ken Paves products are manufactured by his cousin Stuart Paves at SMAP MANUFACTURING at 15240 Dixi Highway,Harvey Illinois. It really does not suprise me at all that her hair looks like plastic because if he used his own product his product is made in the same tanks that car products are made in and his dirty cousin does not properly clean his tanks wich leaves residules and taints all other products produced.The same shine she has on her hair is probably the same product they use to shine her car with in the unless you like that itchy feeling or just want your hair to fall out,please dont let me keep you from useing ken paves products.

Brad Schraer

I would like to retract any and all comments I have posted about Stuart paves or any products made by Smap manufacturing,I was upset when I was laid off,any accuactions were untrue and I appolgize for my posting as I was just angry.


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Maybe she was in a hurry here, normally the natural human hair extensions look pretty good.


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I bought a set of six lip glosses from the Jessica Simpson Dessert line from Claire's 5 years ago. I can recall 5 of the flavors: Lollipop, Banana Split, Bubble Gum, Butterscotch, and Creamsicle. I can't remember the 6th flavor and its driving me crazy! Can someone help? I've even googled it and cant find anything. Trying to buy more cuz it reminds me of when my boyfriend and I first started dating

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If someone like Jessica Simpson can't make her fake hair line look decent, what chance do the synthetic hair shoppers of the world stand?


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portland hair extensions girl

This piece is so synthetic and unnatural...its just embarrasing. but i have to say...from the front it looks really cute...i dont understand why she needed the piece in the first place:(

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I don't care if her hair and dress don't match i don't care if the shoes don't match she is adorable and i love her she is famous ,rich and beautiful this make her 3 times winner.


I have to agree unfortunately.. She is so beautiful!!


I think she've been in rush in that time that is why she didn't prepared much for her hair. Anyway, she still look pretty.


Ahhaha so FAKE! ladies if your looking for Real human hair that last for 6 months check out this is where I get my extensions and I only have to buy and replace twice a year! And it ind. strands not weaves...gross! No glue to apply .. and your will actually grow!

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lol,so much fun,thank you sharing with us,keep posting,i will be back!

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She is very gorgeous.Her hair color is very special.

Jessica Simpson Dany

Those hair extensions look really good.

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