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wow... little scary there...


man youre psycho


man youre psycho


Fuckin stupid cunt. leave jess alone


She only does not have to open her eyes like that. THAT is scary.


is it the eyes or the roots

Alex Woodruff

First of all your article is atrocious. If you are going to write and article you could at least know how to write, and second of all Jessica Simpson is beautiful. I'm sure your just some ugly low-life who has nothing else to do with your time. People like you never grow up.

Jessica Has Hair Extensions

Let's face it, the woman is about as smart as a box of rocks. But... she had enough sense to get a stylist who can cut hair and match hair extensions. So at least this part of her life is behind her.

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I like her hair is nice and i like the color two i dont know why people critics her so much they don't have better thinks to do ?
she also is a good actress remember her in that dukes of hazard Wow daisy she was hot.


I think she just want to scare who taking this picture but as a professional, she smiled and let him/her to take Jessica a shot. Thank you and keep it up.

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If Bad Hair karma ever forced me to choose between having Fergie's head hair or having Fergie's armpit hair - I'd choose the latter. Wouldn't you?

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All i noticed is her facial expression is horrible!

Amazon Filler

That is really some bad hair. We have not heard much from Jessica as of late. What happened?


I had a good time reading all the heartfelt comments as looking at that wild picture of bad hair. I saw Jessica on Oprah a while back and she had donated a load of clothes to deserving girls. Just thought I would mention it....

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omg that looks soo bad! i hate her extensions! are you seriously promoting your hair extensions?

Englewood Barbers

Lol bad hair for sale, I think no one will try to buy that kind of hair.


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Hair Loss Prevention

Yeah, i agree...Jessica is pretty but it's not just the hair but also the eyes like what they said she should not open her eyes that wide.

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Hair extensions for Jessica?

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