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I do think it's the eyeliner that's sinking this look. If she'd laid off that & the tanner, the dark hair probably would have looked dramatic and deliberate rather than lazy & goth.


The dark hair is very pretty and looks natural. I'm sick of the bleached blonde look. I just wish I could start over on my hair and get the same result.


I think you hit the nail on the head. But I have to agree that Carmen looks better in a lighter color. She has a lot to work with and usually has eye popping results whenever she is photographed. This dark look doesn't do much for her though.


I think that her hair is too dark for his skin tone. While it does make her eyes pop (and from this pic they look blue, not green), she would either need to be a bit less tan, or have some darker gold accents through it to take away the overall darkness of her entire ensemble. Dark skin, dark hair, dark dress, dark liner is just a bit too much.


She looks stunnning with Darker hair! :) She IS a Brunette you know!! Blonde makes her look like an old hag! Not for her at all!!


I think she looks great, maybe the critics that DON'T like how she looks are Women and there Jealous. Ahyway who really cares how she looks, to me she is just an average woman. No big deal. without fame she would be no one special.
So get on with your life

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I just wanted you to know, GET BACK TO THE KITCHEN YOU JUDGEMENTAL WHORE! Women should be baking pies not clucking like hens. You disgust me, and other find you a disgusting waste of precious earth and oxygen too. I hope you get shot and you're allowed to rot in your own urine and feces. Even that would be to good for a "butter" face like you.

With Love,

Anon :)

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Carmen has perfect eyes and hair color. So don't bother.


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I hate the color. I dont mind the cut she has striking eyes so it makes sense to get rid of all that hair but what happened to her red???


I totally agree with this post!!! She's a lovely girl, but she needs to step it up!

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Another example of talentless people getting unwarranted attention


Carmen is pretty girl very.


Her look in this picture is dark, but dark is rock, that is why I like her look in this shot. Thank you and keep blogging.


I think she looks great with dark hair!


She look better as a man than a woman rofl .


She is so ugly she need to chnage that color

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