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Personally I don't think it's all that bad. Sure the back looks like shit but the front I think looks really good.


Omg! what was she thinking! Maybe she got her hair done all for the sake of being selected in a vampire flick. lol.

Look at this Elsa Manchester photo.
Very elegant, no?


I desagree, it's soooooo elegant!


I desagree, it's soooooo elegant!


i think her hair is quite cute, the back looks a little bad, like she sat back in a chair or something, but it hardly warrants a whole bad hair day write up =p


I think it looks pretty good actually. (minus the back)

Cait Smith

good thing she makes millions and doesn't give a damn what you say


I absolutely love this!


this looks totally glamorous! I love it!

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Perfect,she looks graceful!

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