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uuuuugh *Shivers with horror*

The Entertainment Queen

I agree, props to Christina! Hair Czar, I love your site!!!


For the love of God! My eyes! My eyes!


What are they thinking. Tom Hanks hair has scared me for quite some time, why, oh why would Nic Cage get this same horrific haircut. I feel extremely tense just thinking about it.

Aimee Foxx

OMG! NO NO NO! I Cant stand this hair! It makes him look MAN-LOVEING!!!! OMG! YOU "CAN" DO BETTER! [Me: throws up...]

Aimee Foxx

OMG! NO NO NO! I Cant stand this hair! It makes him look MAN-LOVEING!!!! OMG! YOU "CAN" DO BETTER! [Me: throws up...]

kourtney b.

omg. that's so not true.. ok i hate hate HATE his new hairstyle, but he mighta had to grow it out for that new movie??? i dont care what you say about him.. i love him soo much. i think he is hella funny and he is just all around a good actor. his lines really stick in my head. "peach, i could eat a peach for hours" no i dont even know what movie that is off of but i sure do remember the line!

the hair has to go though. it looks better just recieding [w/e]


What's going on with cage. Not only his hair but these horrible movies he has been in lately. I wanna see the good old cage like in Face Off and The Rock.


Your comments reflect what an artificial lot you really are. Nic Cage is an unbelievable looking man and what an actor, his latest Ghost rider proves that. He could wear a balaclava and still be amazing with those puppy dog eyes and great voice, stature, you are rather opinionated and negative types, nevermind hope you don't lose your hair.


poor nick,I asked my husband wat he thought about the new Cage hair. He was just as horrified as I was. The edges are just awful, he can clearly afford to have a better job done on his hair than that.

c.t griffith

wow you people plus the writer "coolness -1" his hair might be hideous but yet he is still making more money then you guys, seen all of his movies all of them great, you wanna talk about shitty movies please take Larry the Cable Guy out of Hollywood with his b.s stereotypical hick acting its so overrated.


that is just a bad look for anyone O_O


I just watched the movie where Nick Cage has this hair..."Bangkok Dangerous" This movie is as boring as his hair looks. I love Nick but he needs to have his hair go back lighter...add those highlights back in instead of that solid black look....and take a few inches off the back. This look makes him look like a pale ghost. Maybe he's going for that "Ghostrider 2" look.


hi my name is falis i am somalian girl i like u as actor you are my hero number1 you and bollywood actor akshay kumar and i like your styl and i love your voice i love love to hear it even if i am waching the film but sure i hear you voice i don't know why but i like it nice to meet you nick


haha, at least he cuts his hair after this..he's my fav acotr but this hair needs to go..but he cut it already, this picc is a bit old.

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Nicolas,i am ur big fans!love you!

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or both are making the same mistake, because with that hair look like a real old Tarzan copy, really this is hair was used what year was launched the "The Ten Commandments" with Charlton Heston?

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yes.made a mistake..

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"no one pays attention to Nicolas Cage movies anymore" -- that's kinda mean! He's a great actor although I wouldn't agree with him with regards to his hideous hairdo! yuck!

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