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Hideous. I heart Madonna but this is just hideous. And waaaay too blonde. One story I saw had it down as her real hair but no way. Definitely a wig. And a bad one.
Not a bad just doesn't work on her.


She looks so...washed out. And her hair doesn't match her eyebrows at all, which somehow makes the effect worse.


It's perfect... if she's going for a drag queen look, that is.


I think once you get past a certain age, that shade of blond starts looking like gray. It totally washed her out. And that cut just emphasizes how square and butched-out her face has gotten as of late.


Whoa. Really?! Has she showed up like that more than once?


She looks even older than she actually is. Hate the look, and it's just a BAD wig!


Okay....I just have to say it. Is it too much to ask to have women look their age? I respect Madonna for all the boundaries that she pushes and for her amazing career...not a fan though. The thing that irks me about her though is that she's trying to look like she's 21....and lets face it....she's anything but 21. The wig happy with the hair that you were blessed with...And embrace your age. Sorry, enough of that rant.


oh, yuck. If she's wearing a bad wig, I wonder what her *real* hair looks like!


Her wig color matches her teeth color!!


I went thought some of your post.. completely awed by your blog.


OMG!! Her hair is a lighter shade of white than her nasty teeth! I can't believe how old she looks! And with all that money she has, you'd think she's get those teeth bleached or something! Just plain nasty, hair and teeth!


looks like she bought it in a novelty store.

kourtney b.

yuk wtf is on her head. i totally agree with amanda, she should just embrace her age. get over the fact that she is aging 4 years for every year! her hair totally matches her teeth and her hair clashes with her eye brows.


just beautiful I love madonna whatever she does makes everyone take notice she carnt help her self she stands alone no one cames close to madonna she surs gives the young ones a run for there money considering shes 48 this year I hope I look that good when Im her age go madonna

Rachel A

Actually it looks really good in her new video "jump" but I agree, this picture is definitely categorized under "bad hair day"

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People are cretizising, but every body copied madonna right after she did that; Gwen stefani lady gaga, xtina .. It is really beautifull and much more on madonna (L) I like to see people saying shit about her, it confirms what philosophers say; human is dumb, people doing bad are critizised, but if they do well, they are too what ever they do.. Madonna is tha motha fcking queen, the best of all, and jealous people still crtizise .. :)

Steve Grindley



She looks like the Andorian spy on the original Star Trek episode with Spock's father.


I think she looks pretty damned good. Madonna wouldn't be Madonna if she didn't have different looks. I'm glad she's out of that whole matronly 70's hairdo funk.

Jordan 4

Morality may consist solely in the courage of making a choice. (Leon Nlum, French statesman)


she looks AMAZING!!!

human hair clip in extensions

um,not bad i think.

full lace wigs

yes i like it

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