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    Spot a hideous head of hair that you want to share?

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He looks like a thirteen year old on picture day.


I HATE PEACH FUZZ!!!!!!!!!!!! That look is awful.


Sometimes when a sexy man isn't completely groomed and has some facial hair or whatever, (especially cutie Josh Hartnett), it's sexy. Sometimes masculine is sexy. Love you Josh!


he looks .cute aint nothing wrong with his hair


If anyone actually noticed, Josh Hartnett's eyebrows have ALWAYS been like that.
I'd like to see a picture of the author of this blog's hair.
Becuase this is fucking stupid, and I can't believe we as a people, trash talk HAIR of all things for entertainment.
Grow the fuck up.


I've thrown down some comments on this blog, liv tyler's pic specifically, but this dis on josh hartnett only proves what i've been saying about the character that writes this blog. I'm gonna guess the person is a woman and most likely finds mr. hartnett very attractive but is too self conscious to believe she could ever even serve coffee to someone of his caliber and therefor attacks his image. It brings him down to her level in her own mind, so that she no longer feels weak.

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Natalie Duke

He always looks great, we own two salons one specialises in mens hair called we have so many guys coming in asking for his style or with pictures of his style. Hes a stylish good looking guy.

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hair extensions

um,handsome!Gentlman and emotional!

full lace wigs

handsome.. lol

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