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The color does make her look older than she is.


She looks like Linda Lopez?

Oh, wait, Linda is younger. I guess it was the reference to the occassional invites to West Coast premires and bad VH1 shows that threw me.


Its the fuchsia lipstick that makes her look matronly.....


She has gone downhill since she married Skelator. Her hair is horrible, her make-up is bad, and her clothing....*shudders*. What has happened to The Diva? Now she is just boring. No sparkle, no attitude. The Jenny we know and love is gone. She looks like someone's grandmother now. It's sad, really.


shes put on a hell of alot of weight
poor girl
what happened to the days of
"lets get loud" & "jenny from the block"
we miss you young sexy j-lo


Well I hope she could have an advice from her hair stylist. She can even wear lace wigs if she wants to. Can recommend Pink Lace Wigs for its good quality hair wigs at the most affordable price. That is where I bought mine, just remember J.Lo's hair with the Lexus wig that they have.

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Straight hair will make her looks better i think!younger at least!

full lace wigs

sounds fine

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hahaha she looks my mom, is like a older clone of Jennifer Lopez don't you think ?

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