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I love B but she needs to stop with the damn tights


That's hot.

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UGLY DREADLOCKS ARE UNACCEPTABLE………Matted hair, Braids& Weaves are too!!

With the explosion of braids, weaves, hair extensions and dreadlocks, so many women are secretly suffering from improper removal of these hair styles. Hair thinning, balding, and hair loss has become an epidemic.

Salon professionals or home users don’t have the time or patience to remove braids, bonding glue, hot-fusion, dreadlocks, weaves or hair extensions the right way.

Home users are suffering from thinning and balding when they snatch the bonding glue out of their hair. Or when they rush by ripping braids out of their hair without combing through the knots and tangles at the root of the hair. Many stylists are experiencing the same problems with their clients.


Yes,it is true about the women losing their hair these days due to hair weaves and glues.Improper removal of hair pieces and also improper maintenance and care. They even have a term for it called traction alopecia. I am a Chicago lace wig hair stylist and I see a lot of hair loss due to this. The women then try to go get the corn rolls, micro braids etc.. to so call grow their hair but it actually continues to pull it out for good.


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OMG, she's beautiful, the only thing you can say is wowwwwwwww!

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bryonce hair looks crazy

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Maybe about once or twice a week. Sometimes it turns out great, other times it looks like… blah. But it always looks better than the ponytail, lol.

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She is so hot!

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so hot!!!

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What the hell... why is she using that horrible thighs... doesn't fit with the dress, like someone said she should stop using that...

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sorry but I wasn't watching the hair style...well you're the guilty for putting this Beyonce picture with that black dress.

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