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This just proves she reads your blog. She took the Scar-Jo do, mixed in a little Mariah and TA-DAH! The Fergie! Let's face it she couldn't touch Christina if she tried.


Eek! I'm wearing a headband now! Although it's more because I was too lazy to really style my hair and I was running out of hairspray than me being a fashionista.


I think the headband looks great!!! Are you telling me that you hair is all that great?


Sure Fergie, i'll look at your humps, but i aint gonna look at your face, it's freaky. No offense or anything though, you're music is ok.


like that song glamorous with luda that has became my favourate song


I love Fergie to death!
That hair band is f'n beautiful.
Anything Fergie does is right.
And if you don't believe that...
then you are purely jealous!

baby girl

well i fink that he looks so nice. wat is wrong with these people , all u do is slag of other people .GET A LIFE for fuck sake.


i like fergie too, i like her music, and i liked her when she was with BOP but please fergie...for the sake of our lunches staying in our tummies, BRUSH YOUR F'ING HAIR. Sure, it looks cute at the bottom, but the top is all tangled and frizzy. She could pull off the band, but without the sad attempt at a lady lump at the top.


okay the headband isn't even the problem first of all. it looks like she just put in too much hairspray BIG DEAL!! she has not OFFICIALLY killd the headband trend. Look at all the teenage girls wearing head bands

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However and for whatever reason, I can't get the freehub body to sit all the way down the nose. It slides down about 3/4 way and stops, i wiggle it and nothing happens. I don't want to force it either and am left just really frustrated.


I don't see anything bad in this picture. She look great in here. Thank you for posting and keep it up.

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Totally agree!your hair overdone and done poorly.

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