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    Spot a hideous head of hair that you want to share?

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Er...I don't get it. Why bother with the effort of rollers? I can get my hair to look like that through the intensive labor of not washing or brushing it for 5 days.


Could her hair look any MORE greasy? Aren't curlers supposed to lift and curl? That hair is greasalicious.

Like Your Hair

Her curlers look kinda neat...would be OK for a woman selling carrots in a farmer's market!


okay first of all if you think that's actually the same day then your retarted. anybody with a right sense of mind can tell that thats a totally different day (the after picture) and it looks like it's either been raining or she just got out of the shower so yea

Fergie's Fan

Funny pics!


eww, it looks greasy

Lina Tani

ah ! she looks soo dumb !! very funny


She look so funny in this pictures. She need some help for her hair problem, but I must say, she is still beautiful. Thank you and keep posting.


she hasnt got the same clothes, earings or make up on the after picture,obvs a different day .

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in you can't see how weighed down with product and poorly textured her hair is.

clip in human hair extensions

Not my cup of tea!do not like this style.

full lace wigs

sounds cool...

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I have never seen similar beautiful and hot girl such as Fergie, she is a really like singer and she dances so sexy, I love her!!22dd

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I just love her and I think Fergie's Curler Mohawk is one of the best looks. I've got the same style because I am a onlooker, I know, might be I am a silly follower but I don't care, I just love her.

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I'll be honest with you, I love Fergie and she looks so perfect wearing or using the hairstyle she wants, because she's so sexy and hot.

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