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This picture looks totally un-natural. Emmy, usually looks gorgeous with her flowing curly locks. The straight hair makes her look like she's a wax figure that wants to eat me....and that scares me.

Account Deleted

1) She's always looked rather wax-ish to me. I haven't seen her movies tho, so maybe in real life she looks

2) I love this blog. Hysterical stuff.

Joseph Day

leave emmy rossum alone. she looks beutiful. that hair band looks incredible on her. wow and that smile. its ok emmy i got your back!!!!

Rashid Suny

hellow miss Emmy Rossum,you are really very cute,may you give me you email adress,i wanna be friends with bye

Mrs. Potter

Well, I think it looks cute and beautiful!


She looks about twelve years old, particularly with that Peter-Pan collar. Very what-I-wore-to-the-ballet-when-I-was-four.


What's wrong with her? She looks so cute! She looks like she is age not like miley cyrus who dressed like she is 25! I even have her headbane (black bow one) i love it!


Wow, a little harsh? I don't see where anyone gets 'wax' out of anything. Sure, this isn't my favorite look of hers, but she sure as well doesn't look 'waxy'. I like the headband, hair and makeup. Not a fan of the dress.

Steve Grindley


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Typically blond. She is painting her hair.

Pure Hoodia

Amazing!! her long hair really suits her personality....


she looks preety and hot !!! but the smile ... anyway she's beutifull


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The hair style and dresses looks like students,no more to say.

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yes. l like it you may to to this find more hair style...

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She is indeed a beautiful woman, this picture doesn't do justice for how beautiful and sexy she is.

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I guess that she should keep her mouth shut because her smile it's very ugly...


u r ugly

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but I don't think that she looks bad with that stupid headband. She doesn't look so good but neither bad.

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