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I think she looks GREAT!!!!!!


And, so true about the JS call-out!


Dark hair looks better on people that have light coloured eyes. Look at how great her eyes stand out, she looks simply gorgeous. Well done Cameron, you no longer look like the rest of the moron blondes out there. You look like a grown-up now. Stupid Jessica Simpson needs to just go away.




I love the dark hair... she looks great!


I was wondering what you'd think of her new do. I love it as well. I embrace change.

Also, I think she's got some extensions in there. And they're perfectly picked. They match well.


sometime blonde hair makes you older look at avril lavigne or amanda beal or lindasy lohan
Cameron with dark hair looks really younger but attention not dark hair like dark brown or black,the youngst colour is the dark blonde like in this pic
In fact Cameron with black hair looks older and her skin looks too dark
This is the perfect colour for her!


shes so pretty!!! much prettier than before. im so jealous!! im so glad she took a risk of dying her hair. their are so many actress' that are blondes. she made a right choice but as they say"brunettes are better than blondes"

steph brady

i think she looks better brown than blond :) x

Sorority Girl

Very shiny. Nice!


wow are you people retarded to think what hair color looks younger/older? take some human evolutionary psychology


No they're not 'retarded'...the colour of your hair can change how old you look. I am 18 and naturaly a dark blonde and as I am short look quite young. I have recently dyed my hair dark brown hair and everyone says I look a lot older and prettier as it brings out my eyes. I think Cameron looks gorgeous with either light or dark but definitley for winter months this look is great for her and her skin tone.


the things you guys say about these poor actresses are horrible. she is beautiful with both brown and blonde hair. im sure your face doesn't even hold a candle to hers so do not be saying her skin looks like the outside of the moon. it not only brings her down but also girls with actual skin problems. learn some fucking manners.

Karen Smith

what does everyone think about Coco Rocha's new fiery red hair? I came across a poll on the website and it seems people prefer the brunette. you guy should check it out. what do you think? sexy red or mousy brown?

George el ErmitaƱo

Cameroon es muy hermosa. esta madurita y tiene lindos ojos

Cute Easy Hairstyles

I like Cameron with darker hair and darker skin too!! She looks great :-)

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I really think she is pretty and now that she is a brunette, I think that she is even prettier than she was before.

SEO Los Angeles

Cameron Diaz has that look in her eyes that get you mesmerized. She looks great in her new hair style and color.

Wedding Registry

Being a brunette kinda looks good on her because she is always a certified blond.

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Beautiful..who knew that dark would compliment her so well...makes her eyes pop!

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Bad hair day hu, I think it still looks cool. Kind of...

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