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Aimee Foxx

No, no, no. She has so much money... AND LOOK WHAT SHE BUYS! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU GIRL! OH and black is NOT your color. Go back to blonde!

Like Your Hair

Why don't you leave that poor thing alone? Only the laziest haven't criticized her yet!Maybe the girl is just getting through a hard stage in her life?


yeah, lets make fun of someone who has a baby for having a stain on her dress? nice. & if i saw that picture somwhere, id think she looked pretty, she looks alot better than before, does it make you feel better about yourself?
i mean seriously.. & her dress is really cute.


The dark hair looks good for a change..suits her!


Ok... Brit.. I feel so soryy for her. You have so much money.. please wash your dress.. I used to love you! I still do. I'm still one of your fans. But, damn take care of yourself.. Damn I wish I had your money. My kids would have everything and be well taken care of. Your kids are soo cute! If you don't want them , I would taken care of them in a heart beat!!!!!Do you need a personal assistance?? I'll be glad to be yours!!! For reals! No more wearing that pink wig either. That doesn't do nothing for you! Please if you need extra help !! Let me know!! I'm being serious!


May God Bless you Bitney and your kids... WE still love you!

Britney Spears Fan

My guess would be ketchup from lunch. Especially if she had the children with her. This sortof picture is bittersweet in that its amusing and at the sametime tragically sad in that it reminds me that she is just a mother, just as human as anyone else and not just the tabloid-fake gracing every magazine cover at the grocery checkout.

Jason - Total Cleanse Review

At least she has hair, in this picture!

Celebrity hairstyles Fan

Even though I agree with most of the comments posted. She is human, she should be allowed to go out as dirty as she wants.


that top she's holding up is very cute..., and get them some fabulous looking wigs hunny!

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I've ordered from them, and you know what, its pretty reliable and the Remy lace wigs are great.

Account Deleted

Britney Spears Botched, Missing Hair Extensions Pics


Wow! What-a-humble Britney?! I like her so much. She is so pretty whatever hairstyle or hair color she has. I'm a big fan of hers. Keep blogging!

hair piece

She is pregnent?beautiful, i like shopping too!

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what is wrong with you

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