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You have to be on crack to find her ugly in that photo. Bad bone structure? Jesus fucking Christ, have you seen her dimples? How the fuck can you call that bad bone structure. You need to get yourself to a goddamn eye doctor.


Aside from having a one billion alexa rank, your horrible judgement is not helping or even the determening factor why nobody reads this website. "doesn't have showstopping bone structure"? Do us all a favor and die.


i love this wig and this color!!


first off she can pull off ANYTHING!! and second the wig isn't that bad it looks like she had to wear it for a movie or something


This wig is for a movie; it's not something she wears IRL. If you want to blame someone, blame her costumers/hairstylist on this one. She is not to blame, and she is a beautiful, magnificent person and tremendous actress to boot.


haha, have you ever considered that this wig was for a movie, realize that before making yourself look!

clip on hair

To be honest,she seems just wake up,not very good!

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Well actually I don't see her cute at all, for me she's normal like everyone else, by the way i don't like blonds :P

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what a precious girl, this is one of the most beauty faces in Hollywood, I love how she look with the dark hair, oh my!

Madeline V.

Seriously, guys. Looking at your headlines, it seems that all you do is waste your life looking for beautiful celebrities and typing LIES about them. Good NESS. Get a life.


Wow very cute and simple girl this post pic..!


Aloha! gpm

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