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I lug her.


one word for ya eeeeeeewwwwwwwww


She is sooo brave. lets see you go out there and do that


oh eyes


OMG! my eyes, they're burning...ewwwwwwww

cokwepn bsemdj

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fair play pink one life live it i say...


lol its shaved at the back! lol lol ew
its disgusting!

melissa yates

you all suck ass and wish u was her


Alopecia is not tragic. Educate yourself and grab some sensitivity. A lot of women out there are going through this and feeling bad about it. Bitchy articles like this don't help.


Hey i have bin a skinhead in long time, a few years ago (And im a girl to). But i still think that hairstyle is very bad!


love the hair mine look sorta like that but shaved all the way with only hair in front...hell i get a lot of comments on it though...

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I think this is a male at first sight,but the fact is a female,ok,i was shocked i admited.May she can do better!

remy lace front wig

Wow,You can choose any style that you want on this website./
You can afford it.


She's probably totally tributing Tank Girl... she rocks for doing that.

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I don't know what to say about this, well she always use the same hairstyle, and maybe this is the main feature in her career, she has marked her own path, with her own style, she always say "who care the things I do?" I love her for that style.

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The hairstylist of this woman is so bad it's a sorrow because she's a perfect singer, other thing she should do is don't do many exercises because she looks like a man.

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