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  • Welcome to the Bad Hair Day Blog - and as the Bad Hair Czar I will be merciless in pointing out the Hair DON'Ts Celebrities commit, as well as offer helpful tips about how to avoid your own Bad Hair Day!

    Spot a hideous head of hair that you want to share?

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You are right. It sucks bigtime. And she does have transluscent cadaver like coloring ...


Listen, shut up. It is not my falt that my hairdresser sucs. sorry. i am so suwwing you.


I like gwen because shes individual and OBVIOUSLY doesnt give a crap about what people say about her fashion. loose the binbag tracksuit and take the hair down then i would sport it...this will all probably become fashionable in about 8 months.

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Totally agreed,bad hair day!

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she's gorgeous, I just adore what Gwen Stefan really is. I've been collecting her clothes and I think we need more singers like her.

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