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Really? You think she's weird and unfortunate looking? I can't say I'm a fan of the hairstyle, but I think she's pretty.


I can agree that this is indeed an unfortunate hairdo. But her looks are anything but unfortunate.


I don't watch much TV, so I've never seen this woman in my life, and have never seen this blog before - until just now, while perusing typepad blogs. But how twisted are you that you find this person "weird and unfortunate looking?" Yikes!

Please, please post photos of yourself. I've got to see the person so superior to call this stunning woman "unfortunate." And if you are lucky enough to look half as good as this Emily does, so what? You're cruel and shallow, which is much worse than "weird and unfortunate" looking.

Bad Hair Czar

Welcome to the internet, gal.

Go read a blog about cats.


I agree, not the best hair style every...but there is noting weird or unfortunate about her look (though I love Zooey and she does not compare!!)


I'll go with everyone else in this world and say she has nice eyes.

Her hair sucks. She's alright.


I agree, she's not as pretty as Zooey, but she's still very attractive. The nice thing about Go Fug Yourself is that they focus on the clothes, not the person. Your blog seems just... mean!


First of all. She's 30.and her looks are ANYTHING but unfortunate. This hair style was a big no no, but if you have ever seen her in her television series Bones, she always looks stunning. What about you put your pic up here so . Ill bet my ass you wish you were half as beautiful as Emily.


my bad. in my comment above i staed emily was 30. she's 28

Bad Hair Czar

No, she is not 28. She lies about her age - it keeps changing all the time. And on that note, I am closing comments on this giant skulled freak post.

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