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Yes Jenna's hair is better. Oh and I've seen the show and Kendra is the DUMBEST girl I've EVER seen. I mean seriously her brain cell count is less then a hundred.



Kendra does have bad hair, but the other two have better hair. PS the show is funny even though it is dumb.


I think kendra is the best girl next door. She's laid back and doesn't pretend to be anybody she's not. I think people should just stop hating on her. Her hair looks great just the way it is. HATERS

Bad Hair Czar

LMFAO - I could see someone defending her personality and the fact that she has several varied interests.

But you can't defend the hair, it's terrible.




I think someone is a little jealous!!! Kendra is gorgeous!!!! Her hair may be one color, but it works for her!!!! What hair color works for one person may not work for the next!! Hey, it's gotten her this far, and if she can become this famous with her hair the way it is, it makes me wonder.... Why the heck aren't you!!!!


fuck whoever wrote this, don't hate on kendra. she is absolutley gorgeous! and i'm sure whoever wrote this is discustingly hideous and has absolutley no class to realize what an amazing girl she is.


kendra is def. the best girl next door.. she doesnt give a damn what people think.. and personally i think shes gorgeous!!

maybe the haters need to look in the mirror themselves



seriously fuck you. you remind me of one of those annoying know it all arrogant asshole feminists. if you payed more attention to the show, stopped being so opinionated, and were a kinder, more open minded person you might realize that Kendra is a nice girl with alot of spunk and personality. Dont hate.

ROFL @ Kendra fans

Anyone who"d bone a wealthy 80+ year old man for nothing more than a paycheck and a terribly done "reality show" really can't be considered having a too "nice personality" and certainly she has no class. Then again, prostitutes rarely have class, do they?

To "Kendra is def"... hearing her voice and the idiotic crap she spouts often makes me wish I was deaf.

Oh, and before someone claims I'm some feminist too, I myself am a average straight male, not a prude or a bible thumper, just a regular guy but I despise that show and its portrayal of golddigging whores like her, Holly and that other slut and lecherous old men like Hef as "good". Seriously, its crap like this that makes me really wonder about the US.

God or whoever, help me, this is too funny, especially since most those defending this trash are women.. or at least appear to be women. This IS the net though, could be guys with girly names..

As for her hair? Fried, dyed and she's ready to suck him dry = skank hair. LOL


Kendras cewl who ever wrote this ur probly all gross and crusty with crabs u ugly bitch... u wish u were kendra. but ur not YOUR AN UGLY BITCH WHO PROBLY HAS NO FRIENDS AND MASTERBATES TO YOUR GANDPARENTS PICTURES. O IM SORRY DIDNT MEAN TO TALK ABOUT YOUR MOM LIKE THAT..




hmm...i just came across this and i'll i can say is some one's a jealous, probly ugly bitch! Kendra's really pretty even if she's not the brightest..

nd i like the blonde,it works for her


i think kendra can be dumb sometimes but is realy cool ND I REALY LIKE HER HAIR SO LAY OFF


Whoever wrote this can't get three feet within either of these girls, so he/she should stop hatin, anyway.


Hey not everybody is the smartest things out there. Kendra says some stupid lines sometimes but she's real (on the inside) and her hair is just fine if you people seriously just look at these pictures of peoples hair all day and critizize them then that's just wrong. NOBODY'S PERFECT!!!!
so come off kendra


kendra's actually really pretty but yea her hair does look hella fried, it doesnt even have the slightest shine to it,
besides that she is a retarded dirty whore,
seriously who would wanna be around the ugly old guy anyway




I love the gnd. The guy who said her hair was fried is prolly a freak anyways..Some old man who is either fat and ugly or digs the girls who have saggy tits and mammoth eyebrows... And it is not cool to hate!!! Mn ppl are soo judgemental.. Yeah its not cool that they are diggin on an 80 year old man, but Playboy has given these girls the oppertunities that Everyone in this forum would die for. And its just not his girlfriends, were talking all the girls that get paid some serious bucu bucks to dye there hair that way.. Hey If I thought I could pull it off I would, I would just have some dimension, and hello? Who are we comparing her too.. Jenna Jameson.. Come on guys!


kendra's a prositute
lol perfect role model for little girls/teens everywhere <3
im sure every parent wants their girl to fry their hair in order to be able to bone that dirty dog-bastard perv old guy for money


umm you guys are so pathetic. KENDRA WILKINSON is GORGEOUS! sure jenna's pretty, i'll agree with you on that. but you fail to recognize just how human she is by displaying to public her minor flaws which turn out to be absolutely hilarious. if you haven't watched the girls next door first 3 seasons, you have no right by any means to be calling her a gold digger.

GO KDUBBB!!!! <3333333 LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!!!!!!


wow you people serious sit at your computers and judge people based on a picture, and an edited reality show. Its ridiculous. Kendra is a Gorgeous girl and how she chooses to live her life is her business. No one is judging you on yours. thousands of women pray off old men for money, and those old men welcome it! You can sit back and judge someone else on their appearance but I doubt you took into consideration the fact that she is not a hardcore girly girl. She's into sports and being "gangsta" she's not worried about her hair like the rest of us our. Look at her body, why would she be?


Jenna has to have nice hair to make up for her face and... entire body. Kendra is the only Girl Next Door I CAN stand. I try to avoid the show at all cost, but sometimes I get bored, and it's there. What can I say. Kendra's not a rocket scientist, but she has to be THE smartest and prettiest on the show. The other two are like boring clones. There's absolutely nothing unique about either one, and I still can't tell them apart.

But as for Kendra's hair here, I do agree that it looks bad. But it doesn't always look like that. Plus she's pretty enough to make up for it.


hey march 27 the only trashh i see in this place is YOU fucking loser thats wy u speak only shit so better shut da fuck off
! kendra you rocksss ! shes not a bitch shes THE bitch fuckers


haha her hair is gorgeous, id love to see what the pathetic and clearly jealous smut whose wrote this' hair looks like. i bet your just some fat lil hater that sits at there computer gettin bitchy at people.

kendra is one of the most realist people on reality tv and she has more fans and people that love her than u have hairs on your head. so dont chat a load of shit saying shes fugly and got shit hair because otherwise she wouldn't be a playmate in the first place. fucking doylem

Dee Dee

Kendra's platinum hair is absolutely gorgeous and most women would kill to have her color. Not only does the person who wrote this sound jealous but they have horrible taste.

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