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Sarah JP should also stay away from taking up close and personal shots because her face looks really weird. What's with the nose?


Those are some truly awful hair 'do's.


Sarah J looks like a Halloween witch with that mole on her chin and the close up of her beaky nose. I think the ridged part in the middle is bone scar from her nose job. No more close ups please.

cole walkins

your just jealous. get a life. shes fukking hott. seriously? you freaking suck. go get a life and then come back and try to say she is ugly. you probbably freaking ugly as hell. leave her alone. stop picking on people cuz ur jealous of them.
-love ya.


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I cringe every time I see your matronly, aged and giant awkward-shaped skull pretend to solve crimes.

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Ahhhh...totally agreed with u!

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