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Oh this is such a funny post! I had never noticed just how rough that red headed one is until you pointed it out! You crease me!

PS thanks for the comments


I think that must be the colour of botox. She's had so much pumped into her face that it's seeping out through her hair. Oh and her lips.


botox doesn't have a color moron!!!! i wonder what u look like it's always the ugly ones that complain about everyone else!! probably got alot to say about brittany too!!! loser!!


i want her to f*** me or should i say him and i am a male


Goodness, I thought that redhead was some facelifted and botoxed person over 60 who was just posing with these younger girls, but she is one of them!? She looks terrible, and not just because of her hair.


You can thank our present society for that. young girls and guys are brought up trying to fit a very unrealistic standard of beauty and attraction. No wonder girls are getting these extreme proceedures and end up looking GARISH.

If people could learn to accept beauty in all forms, from the young to the old. then the plastic surgery industry would collaps.
meh..I would never trust a industry that thrived on peoples insecurities and distorted self-image

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