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Why does she look so puffy in the face?


Who Cares why her face is puffy. But what kind of dog does she smell like?


Alright...what is going on here? Was this pic pre-Glitter or post-Glitter. Now, you know Mariah is not the sharpest chick, but Lord knows she keeps an entourage of 'people' but never hires a stylist that will say no to her desires for size 8 jeans when she knows she wears a size 14! Forget, the pharmauetical retailer giving her Prozac, yeah, yeah I am sure she needs them for medical reasons but if her face gets any puffier she will look like a NFL quarterback with a jacked-up wig! Ohmigod, she doesnt have a neck!!! It looks like a bad photoshop job! Would somebody please help baby girl, cuz she has been looking like a overpriced hooker for far too long!


I was going to comment but I think AJ took care of everything I wanted to say.

x. blue

at least there's no camel toe.


why do u guys hate on mariah??

her voice is amazing!!


Why do u guys always talk bad about Mariah she has a beautiful voice and i think she acts a little preppy and rood but theres no reason to talk about her everybodys rood. how would you feel if everybody was talking about u every second. and every time u turn your head someone stairs at u. Im doing a report on her and I chose her because i think shes a wonderful person thinks for listening.

Leg lover

I'd like to sniff her and find out...

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fuk all da haters on mariah carey! she da most amazing singer on this earth! so u lot can go fuk urself


yes this is a new free CHATROOM under



my gosh i hate her exaggerating voice!! it drives me crazy, go ahead all of you MC lovers! call me a bitch to go fuck herself, and all of you saying im just jealous..haha, but sseriously why would i want an exaggerating voice that screws up the radio and anything else that can play music..haha!

and why would i want to look like the pic above, sure she looks great now, but....ugh, haha im done.

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Oh Jesus she looks pretty bad

Elizabeth D.Taylor


...yet she still looks better than me!damn my short hair, dark skin and fat belly.

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Just watching the AMA's and I predicted that Mariah Carey would have wind blowing on her during the performance. She came on and performed and guess what? She had wind blowing on her...Does anyone know whats up with that?

Invertir Dinero

Great to see a collection of blog posts that includes thoughtful and perceptive commentary. Keep up the great work!!!

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Haha... I think so... look like a wet dog.

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