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If "Locks of Love" is a scam, based on your information, will you please tell me who isn't? We are seeking a legitimate Hair fundraiser for children with Cancer that doesn't have elaborate bundling requirements. What can you refer me to? We have 1500 students interested in helping out. Thank you in advance. Minerva


Too bad that an organization like Locks of Love that is doing such good work is unfairly blasted when it so easy to find an unbiased rating. Good reminder of the need to check it out for yourself -


look at the charity navigator bar graphs on the side - though a lot of their expenses go to their program, not to their employees, there is a lot that is not going anywhere. They make nearly $1.3 million in revenue, but only use about $675,000 in expenses TOTAL. Where is all that money going? I imagine into investments? There is also the fact that they just haven't gotten that many wigs to children - even synthetic ones they've bought from their wigs sales, they're only provided (at cost or for free) "over a thousand" in nearly 10 years. Even at, let's say, 5,000 per wig, with their financial excess and money they spend on their program, that could've provided about 242 wigs in a year. I also don't see anywhere on their website any numbers in relation to how many wigs they provide.
Honestly, after looking into it from sources like the better business bureau's charity reports, I have to say I'll be donating my money elsewhere and keeping my hair.


If someone wanted to donate their hair. Who would they trust? I have been thinking of doing it. I am in my 40's - my hair is blk with some gry. I would like to see a lady have a wig made from this. something was holding me back from doing it. I was reading all of the nevative on this board and made me think if my hair would used for a good cause.Most of us are blessed - be thankful we don't have cancer.


Who can you trust?? I wanted to donate my hair .I am in my 40's my hair is blk/gry - I would like it to be used in making a wig for a lady who might need it. Something was holding me back for along time. After reading these comments from people it makes me wounder if I have been working for 1 year to grow my hair will be worth wild.


Bah, Red Cross sells blood; what's the difference?


I was told by a Locks of Love staff member months ago that 99% of cancer patients are denied a request for a wig.

There is a great group called Wigs For Kids that does NOT charge for the wigs, they do make them for kids in cancer treatment. I really hope anyone reading this will consider donating to them. They request 12" There is lots of great information on their website.


My main objection to Locks of Love is that women and girls donate hair believing that *their* ponytail will ultimately decorate a bald girl's head. In some cases they are made to feel guilty for having so much hair. I know some of the now sad donors.
Wikipedia says that the hair that LoL uses comes from ASIA, but even if they do use some American hair in making children's wigs, at MOST it is about 1%! Do the numbers. 113 wigs in 2002, 104,000 donations. Even at ten tails per wig, that's about 1%. Most women do NOT know this, and some have lovingly sacrificed hair that is priceless to them, only to find that their treasure has been sold en masse for a few bucks. Sickening! BTW, my wife almost cut her own sectacular tailbone hair b/c of these charlatans. Thank God, I knew the facts and the tresses are still intact! Best, Bob


I'd like to respond to Maria, who posted on January 22, 2007. The Red Cross does not sell blood and never has. It has to charge for processing and distributing blood and blood products (plasma, white cells and red blood cells, which is not the same as selling blood. I donate blood as often as possible, and I send my hair to Locks of Love. I'm going to cut my hair periodically anyway, and I'd rather it not wind up on the salon floor, but do some good somewhere else.

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