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I love her hair!
Your just a stupid disser!!!!!


hay u think her hair is bad well guss what wise ass i have hair like hers so your insulting me too and my faveortie actress and my idol and u know what i will do as soon as i find u i will kick your ass!


yes this is a new free CHATROOM under


Let's see you be judged by millions of people and see how you talk then. She is beautiful, although struggling with her weight lately. Celebrities are human too and therefore can't always have a good hair day. Clearly you have some of your own insecure feelings that need to be dealt with.


you are so pessimistic!
i can't believe what you've said about someone
who im sure is much more successful than you'll ever be!

who gives a damn about how her hair is for a day?
i'm sure you've had a bad hair day!

and who cares about someone else's style?
Just let them be!


Kiera Knightley is very very very pretty. BUT she has an awful body in terms of womanly features e.g. breasts, butt etc. She has very pretty pale feet though so I can't understand why you are harping on and on about that. She basically has 2 stunning facets of her body - her face and her feet.


Keira Knightley is beautiful. I absolutely love her look.

Stop hating and stop hiding yourself behind the computer writing unimpressive hate blogs.


She is awesome though. She acts great.

keep it up!

best regards,


I think everyone should stop pointing out each other's flaws. Who cares if you don't like her hair and somebody else does. You don't appreciate it when people say mean things about you, and I'm sure she feels the same way. If people keep acting like this (putting each other down), we're going to create our own downfall (the death of humanity).


making all of this is a sign of HUGE jealousy, so get over it..leave her alone, just because she doesnt wanna dye her hair every week, or get hair extensions, or pluck..dye or sharpie in her eyebrows..doesnt mean you should judge her and display your huge emotions of jealousy



How can you say that her hair is bad? I love it, and for your information I'm getting my hair cut like this on Saturday and i'm giving the hairdresser this picture! So when you diss Keira, you diss me!


Does anybody know how to spell JEALOUS?

Apparently not.

Graduate from grammar school before you post comments where people with at least half a brain will see them.

Also, people that obsess or even concern themselves with celebrities and their personal lives are pathetic.

Get a life people.

And I'm not talking about

I mean a REAL life.


about the hair: she is amazing with any kind of hair
and about the feet: I would love to lick her soles, cleaning them...


I find it attractive when a women is taking her barefeet out for stroll in public. Who care if they are dirty. They will get dirty walking outside. I find it sexy. Keep them bare.

NOt said

No one is perfect. Get over it


actually shes gorgeous. nice try though.


I'd clean her feet for her - with my tongue!

Nicola Bond

I think that the person that wrote this is a) rather jealous and b) is exclaiming to admire all the people that add pressure to women especially women in the spotlight to look amazing all the time, you are also saying that everyone should be the same as everyone else, and that anyone who is slightly different should be criticized and ridiculed like this.
So basically you are a terrible human being - the scum shall we say. Sort ya life out.


I like her hair!


i think people these days are too hyper critical. give the damn girl a break. she is a young actress. you can have an opinion, but what do you have against her so much that you have to be an ass about it. why cant people just let others live the way they want. it is simple if you dont like her hair dont get yours like that. is that so hard to figure out!!!


I really don't get any of you guys who criticize someone's physique, honestly, they are eyebrows, not North Korea sending off rockets! Not to mention that the idea of changing hair color constantly implies the need for masses of hair products which are unecessary and bad our planets' ressources, not tto mention money that would be well spent on other things. And why spend a life time commenting on things that you didn't do and don't seem to do in your own life.
Also, I would like to know which Keira Knightley movies you have seen. Could you please tell me? I am starting to wonder if all her movies have been released in the US. Firstly there comes pirates of the caribbean wich are excellent movies in my opinion. The came movies like King Arthru which I will give it to you are cpra. But what about pride and prejudcie, atonement or the duchess? Thise are some of the best movies i have ever seen in my life, so if you have not seen tem i recommend you do!.
Finally i would like to say that some of my personnal favourties regarding celeb photos, are ones where the celebs have messy out of bed the hair is not everything, at all!! And you cannot judge a persons beauty on a couple of pictures, a person can also be beautiful in their air, they way they speak and move, and this all together creates a persons beauty ad charm!

madeline ashton

you're crazy, she's got it goin on.


ha! i thought about saying somethings, but i guess they've all been said! everyone agrees- she IS beautiful and critizing her isn't really helping ur popularity. When majority rules this mean that their word goes so let me play judge:

Kiera Knightly is free of all charges, is exceptionally beautiful, and YOU are FIRED as a critic. Court dismissed.

wat the hell are you onabout get alife you jelous fucker theres nothing wrong with her is that all you do sit on your comy pulling people to bits may be you should get out more you might get frend or even ajob


She looks great in bare feet

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