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When you walk bare-foot, the soles of your feet get dusty! *gasp*


But why would you walk around bare-foot if you MAKE millions of dollars? God knows she doesn't spend that money on FOOD.

"Family and friends say that she eats plenty" do they follow her to the bathroom afterwards to make sure she doesn't vomit it up?

She is pretty plain and ugly and I am a guy not a chick. People aren't "jealous" if they don't appreciate her ...brand... of *anorexic* beauty.


Keira Knightley is beautiful. And even if she wasnt she is still a wonderful actress with an amazing talent. And if she is anorexic (witch i dont think she is because i have the same body type) it would be her business and her problem to deal with. i am so tired of our society looking down on anorexic women...they cant help it; ITS AN ILLNESS!!!!!


Keira Knightley is perfect. plain and simple, no it's and's or but's. her body is AMAZING!!! perky and natural. her body has been exactly the same since her first film. how can she still be labeled as anorexic???? every time we see her, in every photo or film, her body is the same. as for her career being unimpressive... you are a out of your mind.

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Wait a sec...there's no way we're looking at the same pic, because I see a perfectly gorgeous woman. Wow... you must be really insecure.

ps. I luv her hair and eybrows...shes naturally beautiful

Keira lover

I wish I can be shose
To let her wear me


You shallow freak. just take a look at yourself in the mirror and then you pick out the bloody faults in your body. You think you are perfect. NO! if you do look harder you crazy bitch. i addmit i am beautiful but i hav dry skin. i dare you to put your picture on the internet and ask them what they think your faults are. this will be fun! dont forget to give me an email so i can tell you the truth. keira knightly is skinny. i know she is and has suffered anerescia. why make fun of her when there are others out there suffering it. just say "they are way to skinny and ugly" dont you think that is shallow. SHALLOW. it is mean too. what matters is what is on the bloody inside you dickhead. in my opion, she is the most gorgious woman ive ever seen in my life. she is also a great actress who has won a oscar and prob more to come. i think people including you to please stop judging celebs by there looks and write more about the things they do like there personallities and what they do which is good. how would you like if someone hung around you all day trying to take your pic to make up a random story (often not true) to show everyone. are you proving a point? no its just plain crap. people buy and believe this crap. do you no how this makes celebs feel? embarrest, emotional, etc. how would you feel. i advice you to change your personallity. what matters is there inside. for god sakes you are so shallow!

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amazingly talented and beautiful.but this haircut do not fit her well.

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