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Why is her right foot transparent?


I think Kiera is beautiful and always will be. And why does it matter if she has had the same hair color for months? Maybe she doesn't want to be like everyone else who changes every week. I think Kiera is and all!


alright lets see a picture of you. send it to the email address above.

you can even photoshop it if you want...


What I can't fathom is your understanding of what's beautiful. You must have very strange taste. If you think her career has been unimpressive, I'm not sure who you consider impressive.

Bad Hair Czar

Um, no thanks Maybe you should try

And I absolutely adore the Keira fans defending this hair color. If you love it so much, you are welcome to emulate it by bleaching your hair black, and then getting a halfass color correction from a beauty school dropout.


keira knightley is beautiful she is my role model.i love her hair and i have dark eyebrows too and she doesn't wana dye them so what. she is so pretty and i aspire to be like her. amazingly talented and beautiful. so shut up

kitty lee

well im in middle of all u guys to be honest one i dnt agree keira is beautiful i think she is pretty but far too thin too be beautiful as she has very defined features doesnt look good
but you definitely couldnt say she was unattractive especially in the produced could, theyre called make up artists for a reason people!!!
and to the person who wrote the article you are 100% right about her acting career it is very unimpressive and also very undeserving she does not have talent in acting there are so many more deserving actors out there her career just shows the superficial world that is acting!!!!!


How can you say that her acting career is unimpressive!!! Shes had an OSCAR nomination for god sake!!! And just look at her, shes amazingly beautiful. does it really matter what her hair looks like if she has a face like that (anyway i happen to like her hair and its colour). I will admit that she is a little bit skinny but that is just her natural body shape. People who have a go at her for one reason or another are just jelous morons who needto take a glace at their own looks before commenting on others.


I still think Keira is perfect and beside I really like that messy hair on the last picture.

chloe g

she always guna be pretty no matter wat she does with he look your just jelous cus when you have a bad hair day you can't be as pretty as keira


I think keira nightly is the most beatiful women i've ever seen in my life. And why does it matter if she has the same hair color? I dont think all celebrities change their hair color every month. Lay of guyz,your just gealouse..And who ever agrees with me is 100% right..!..


I think that kiera knightly is really beautiful too. maybe the reason that your criticizing her is because you have really bad hair, so you want to make fun of people who have nice hair. and she isnt too thin either. thats just the way some people are built. if you have ever seen any pictures of her at events like the oscars or movie parties, you will see that she is actually pretty muscular.

azura, the black star

I agree on the fact her hair is ugly, I think she uses to much hair spray or something. it looks thin and dry. But the rest of her is very pretty, although she is a bit skinny. Somethimes she looks really pretty and natural, very attractive. But othertimes (like the pic above) she looks like an too skinny fashion model who wears to much makeup an'stuff. dispite her skinnyness and her often bad hair days, she is a real beauty with great looks.


I think her hair looks nice sometimes. I liked it when it was darker. But in these pictures her hair just looks sort of dead and dry. She's very beautiful though, despite her hair.

K. Marie

seriously, whoever wrote this article needs to take a look at reality. You think u know the truth about how people should look but u have absolutly NO right to tell people how to get up in the morning and do their hair and makeup. for god sake ur talking about her eyebrows!! u need to get a life! Kiera is a good actress who diserves some dignity. And who are you? a wannabe fashion consultent who spends time making fun of someone who has a better career than you. Actors and actresses have it tough enough, now they have to deal with people trashing them about how they look everywhere they go? Just let it go and let them be themselves!


You have exactly NO right to talk that way about her! I'd like to see you handle all that crap if someone wrote it about you. Kiera knightly is a GREAT actress and she is very beautiful too. and the only reason your criticizing her is because you are as ugly as you described her to be. and she is NO WAY ugly.

yo momma

you are all gay...

Captain Barbosa

I think Kiera is very beautiful...and
who the hell cares about hair? I don'. it's not her hair that makes her beautiful. It helps, but true beauty is in the eye of the beholder. if you don't like her...that's your right, but i bet there are way more people that love her and enjoy her work. At least she has "balls" enough to go out and have pictures taken. i wonder what creature you look like on camera.


Its people like you who really need to get out more and get a proper job, this is not a job. You make money out of criticising people who earn, have and will always have much more money, clothes and friends


Its people like you who really need to get out more and get a proper job, this is not a job. You make money out of criticising people who earn, have and will always have much more money, clothes and friends


you guys are a joke

Missy G

who the hell do you think you are wise ass? just because she's on TV doesn't mean she needs to be perfect. I hope someone points out everything bad about you. You're ignorant and rude. I Hope karma makes you learn some day.

Leg lover

Bare feet=sexy
Dirty bare feet=very sexy!

My kind of babe.


i dont see anything wrong with her brows, but i loved her hair in pirates 1, i think she should keep it looking like it did then


I agrree with every one. If your career is soooo "impresive", why dont you become an actress or something instaed of waisting your life talking about people who actually take it and do something with it. Shes beautiful.

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