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    Spot a hideous head of hair that you want to share?

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i'm totally wondering the same thing (about josh). though they may not be together anymore, if you check


Don't hate on Fergie, yeah her hair might suck in this pic, but she brought back the B.E.P's and made them hot again,haterz!


her eyebrow ring is dirty and rotten she looks like trailer trash or like a romford sket....


LEAVE FERGIE ALONE!!!! she is seriously a brave woman for wearing her hair like this. she just wants to be different and unique


Don't be so mean - What does her face have to do with it.......... I personally am waiting for my haor to grow a few more inches so I can donate it for such a wonderful cause............. Don't be ugly people.....


actually this hair style is very fashionable....get with it people!!! please dont hate!!

Mama K

What is the point of putting some else down like that???!!!!
It is pointless...unless you feel insecure about yourself and it makes you feel better to find fault in others. Let's relax a bit. No one is perfect in every way but the world isn't going to be a better place by us putting each other down. We should be focusing on the positives. If she wants to where her hair like that, who cares what anyone else thinks. She is a beautiful woman inside and out who has been through a lot of adversity and doesn't deserve to be put down like that.

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Whatever Fergie's hairstyle, I still like her because she is not just beautiful, she is also talented. Thank you and keep blogging.

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Totally agreed,it can be better!

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Good post, I like to leave comments because it allows bloggers to become more engaged and for the opportunity to perhaps learn from each other.

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I don't think that she looks so bad. She is kind of dumb but she is quite gorgeous and her style looks good on her.

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she isnt anorexic wtf, some people are small framed, she always has nice hair.. wtf this website is shit.


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