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    Spot a hideous head of hair that you want to share?

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Zachary Speights

That hair on the two link photos HAS to be a photoshop job! Totally fake looking. And if it's not I am truely shocked!


that's SO HOT!


Fuck yeah Michelle.


im crazy about pit hair. keep it up michelle. love you and your smelly bushy pit!


love you michelle. im crazy about pit hair. wish i could ever lick your smelly bushy pit


im looking for a girl/woman who never shaves-any an admirere of natural girls who are proud to have some bush here and there. love to hear from any sweet hairy girl .my address is ecokaiser ATthe rate of


im a great admirer of pit hair. would love to hear from a natural girl.anybody out there?my adress is ecokaiserATTHERATEOF yahoo DOTcom


you guys are gay! lick nuts

Pit Licker

I find natural (hairy) armpits on women to be sexier than anything else. Here in the U.S. it is rare to see, so when I am lucky enough to see it I get really turned on. :)


i want to smell and tasting that sweety armpitplease send me that girl address

primo levi

I love women s hairy armpits. I just don't understand why women want to look fake. It is natural, everybody has them. If they dont have them it is simply not natural. The fashion is telling us what we should like and what not. If fashion says no armpit hair then everybody must follow, that is so stupid,,,
Girls be naturallll you loook so sexy!!!!!


thats some nappy shit! not the licking its the hair! shave it and quit trying to look like a man


The last time I checked, armpit hair came along with the female body deal - not sure how having body hair is 'trying to look like a man'.


Im looking forward for a girl/women with full of arm pit hairs & pubic hairs in INDIA, HYd,I dont mind shaving it off for them for free It excites me


My wife at the time of marriage had removed armpit hair and pubic hair. But I didn't like it.In fact she also didn't like removing it. Anticipating disgust from me she had removed it. When I pointed out armpit hair and pubic hair make her sexy, she started growing them.


I love to smell my girls armpits just before I go deep. If she hasn't shaved in a bit, all the better. Armpits are sexy to look at, almost as good as a beaver, all wet and ready for you to slide inside. Yeah keep sticking that tongue out Michelle baby. Makes me even hotter for your sexy rump.




you turn 13 and you turn to grow hair all over your body. the only time when you have a naked cunt or armpit is when you are a fuking little girl. little shaven girls: FUKING GROW UP!!! don;t you realize that you are just stupid fuks with stupid parents and ideals that tell you that because you are a girl you have to fill certain stereotypes. shave if you wanna be a fuking litlle girl. its gross, like kiddy porn.


Kebsix Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. :)

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