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I actually think the black looks good, and so do the sunglasses (i have a pair like that), but Paris Hilton is a slut.

Like Your Hair



i really like her with black hair


The black hair looks great~

i dont no

wow......whats wrong with her!
who does dat 2 there hair! it looks nasty!
but she still is very pretty but not with her hair like dat......... luv ya PeAcE!?!?!?! HEHE

celebrity oops

She uses fake hair! Go home for yourself.

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i like this part of the blog:"I don't hate the wig style and giant sunglasses because it covers up a good portion of her face. " is very good

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She has different look in this kind of hair color. Anyway, she still beautiful for me. Thank you and keep posting.

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Black hair looks good for her.

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