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hey, there's nothing wrong or abnormal about having gray hair, especially when you're hitting 40, like Nicole !


It's not abnormal, it just makes you look older than you want to -- and no woman wants to look older!

Account Deleted

Really ? what about cool gray haired women like Emmy Lou Harris ?


My dream is to have hair like Emmylou Harris. I saw her close-up one time and she is stunning.

Account Deleted

yeah petunia, that's my dream too !


Her WHOLE HEAD in this picture looks like that old lady champagney-pink color, and really scares me.


it always tickles me to think.. hey, if she wasnt a movie star, nobody would care. which brings me to my point. why do people care? hair is hair. she's a beautiful lady.

beauty is as beauty does, and for all the things this woman has done for other people, it makes her a fucking stunner!


You are a shallow cruel person. I feel bad for you.

Like Your Hair

Nicole is unquestionable beautiful no matter if she is turning gray or having a nose of Virginia Wolf (remember The Hours?).


Doesn't look anything like natural gray. Too monotone. More like when you put ash blonde over dark blonde hair.


good site :) Whish you good luck!


She just has grey hair because she has to live with keith urban everyday


She's pregnant. Any good hair stylist would advise her not to put any product stronger than vinegar in her hair when she's pregnant. give her a break.


are you retarded?!
you'll have grey hair too!
wtf! You're so jealous!
I'm sure that Nicole will always be pretty, with blond, red, grey hair (bald too!)
so wake up!
get a life!


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Not only is she graying, her hair has thinned out considerably. I think she is suffering from alopecia. Poor Nicole. I feel for her.

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But all is not lost when it comes to her hair.


Reality really bites. Maybe she would consider wearing lace wigs. She is a celebrity so she always has to look good. Check out for 100% human hair lace wigs that look very natural.


Did anyone consider the fact that this might be dry shampoo? I see a lot of pics where celebs overdosed on it. Totally makes the top of their head look gray.


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She looks great in any hair color or style


I think this is just the reality. I mean Nicole's hair color is not that perfect. Anyway, I admit that Nicole is still beautiful having this unique hair color. Thank you for sharing.

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Just grey hair does not really matter though, it is just natural.

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even her hair is thinning, I still like Nicole. She is awesome

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