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Her eyes are two different colors. Did she forget to put the other contact in?


Good call, V! Or maybe she's just one of those freaks of nature.
I thought they remade "Conehead." If that was the case this is brilliant casting.

Bad Hair Czar

Her eyes are naturally two different colors. In most movies, she wears contacts to disguise this (I actually think it is a neat trait).

And yeah, they should cast her in the Conehead remake ASAP!


Wow, her eyes are wild. But her acting is ass. I was pissed when they cast her as Lois Lane.

I do have to say that watching the first Superman movies again as an adult, Margot Kidder's screaming banshee interpretation of Lois isn't much better.


kate bosworth was completely adorable in Blue Crush, but since then she has been WASTING AWAY!! She is so skinny that she looks like a bobble head...a big round head on top of a teeny tiny body. She is a beautiful girl, but the skin and bones look grosses me out.


Yup, I totally have to agree on this one. She was horrible. I was actually hoping she would die, just to make the movie better.


i think these actresses should think twice before losing weight because its going to affect teenagers everywhere and future actresses as they have to be skinny to get any roles


The more I read your blog, the more I realize you are just a bad person.


she has heterochromia. causing the different eye color.


she has heterochromia. causing the different eye color.

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She is a beautiful girl, but the skin and bones look grosses me out.


Well, that's unique having different eye color. I think the blue one is more fit to her. She also has a cute hairstyle. Keep blogging!

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I don't know what people criticize this woman because she always look so beautiful I think she also look beautiful when she wake up at morning.m10m

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Kate Bosworth haves no talent at all she must be model and nothing more for the sake of our eyes,

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