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hooker everything...who is this girl anyway??

No need to care

What are you, 70? Clearly you have ni idea what you're talking about regarding todays style and fashion. The Pussycat Dolls may not have chosen the best bandname in human history, but they are strong young women and rolemodels for many girls. They have taken burlesque and reformed it to their personalities and the modern community. They show us that sexuallity is nothing to hide in the closet anymore. It's not like they're dressed in bikinis in the background of some rapvideo, they're dressed in what they want and they have gotten to where they are right now on their own by hard work. The Pussycat Dolls are strong, talanted, sexy young women, and they are superstars because of it.

To finish this off I'll just apologise for all contingent misspellings, since english is not my first language.


Brooke your so right. Denise Richards you couldn't be more wrong!


No need to care your so right, Denise Richards you couldnt be more wrong! ***

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Even she looks like a hooker or as a catholic girl she always look spectacular i love her she got something special in her face something that make her glow from every one else .


She is so sexy, but her hair is too bad. Thank you anyway for sharing this and keep posting.

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I love her hair! Have you gotten that feeling of denial when you found out that those guys weren't talking about you, but rather your sexy friend? Every woman's been through it before.

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Denisse Richards looks like one of those silly punk idols without talent, she really freaks me out.

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