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He could've got a better color result doing it himself at home. It looks like "shoe polish color".

Suburban Island

I like the retro Beatles look. It's much more attractive on him than what he had going before.


Oh NO YOU DIDN'T. I committed a similar atrocity on my blog some time ago, except I was making fun of a certain group of fans, not Clay himself. Making fun of Clay himself WILL bring you wrath! :-) But the particular group of fans that I had the audacity to mock - they have a little sooper-sekrit thread on their message board called "Blog Blowhards", where they go to say bad things about you where you can't see them unless you are registered to join their articulate craziness. It's all very mature.

P.S. - I like Clay, but am not a fan of the new hair. Come to think of it, I wasn't exactly a fan of the old hair either. I AM a new fan of your blog - I just discovered it via Snarkywood.

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Hi..just stopping by to say a Happy New Year...interesting post there, and i've bookmarked this blog too...keep up the good job ;)

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I don't like his hairstyle in here. He look an ugly. Anyway, if he had a good hair, it will give a very good points for him.

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well not a just bad hair has this guy is not good looking is better that he did take any picture of him

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