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Doesn't that Bazaar cover make her look a bit like Katie (Kate) Holmes, only slightly more awake?


wow, she isnt looking good. I remember being ten and worshiping her, now I just wish she would disapear?!!!?!?!?!?!?


I just wanted to say that this site seems so negative. I'm trying to understand how some people can sit around and care enough about someone else's private life to harp on a bad fucking hair day? Grow up! It's beyond me why you would personally attack someone you don't know, complain that "they're just not having a good hair day" while they're enjoying the breath of their baby, and honestly think they would care in the first place!

Get real.


she looks like a 2 buck whore in that blonde picture.

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listen to me you fuckin' bitch, why don't you let her live, dpn't youhave a life? why the fuck do you sooo need to critize her messy moments? we all have them, and after all the fights, divorce, mantaining her babies, she couldn't care about how she looks, now she looks better luckily hun, to shut all your motherfuckin critizin mouths


I agree. She does look a little like Katie Holmes.

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