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Mr. Clean

I love all these phony girls who say they don't care! Then they turn around and date ONLY GUYS WITH HAIR! I've seen it a thousand times in L.A. Jerks with hair get the girls while nice bald/ing guys simply have to jerk off! LOL. Sad truth is that looks are EVERYTHING, along with $$$$$$$!

Wookie Do

Damn straight! THANK GOD I'M NOT LOSING MY HAIR!!!! If I did, my sex life would be totally over! Hahaha. As is, chicks dig my long hair rockstar look and I don't even have to TRY to get laid, they just THROW themselves at me, even when I bang em all and throw em back for others! HAHAAA!!!!


Wow...why doesn't he just get hair plugs if he's a millionaire? Everyone does it!!! Look at Matthew McConaughy, Christian Slater, Nicholas Cage, Jamie Foxx, etc. etc. If Hollywood exposed everyone who's had them, the public would be shocked! Probably a good 50% of all actors have them.


Sometimes they don't always come out right, you never know. It's a gamble. Nicholas Cage is a perfect example of that fake, pluggy look. I say either shave it, like me, or get a rug like George Clooney. Just make sure the rug looks real! Hint: Brendan needs a better rug!


Hey im new on the forum, conscience-stricken I begetn't introduced myself. I'll get to it, Basically I've got precise packed braids, but I don't like it extraordinarily much. Its each time been relative to 2-3 inches hunger and if it gets any hungerer than that it goes frizzy and big. I was wondering if there is any way of few and far betweenning the braids a lot without shortening it too much. The barbar many times lankys it when I go but they say they can't do it any more and im ncontinuously outc
omeive why. My whisker is precise beamy dense and as a denouement fully forceful it doesn't allied with mat after a few inches.

My braids is this lenth cruelly at the jiffy, but it doesn't lay as good as as plains and so looks definitely new.(I wouldn't acquire emo dismal, I proper in need of it that in the sizey run b for a extended time)

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Should I go to a stylist and talk fro this to try and kidney this out to get this outcome? Or do you guys beget any ideas?( I'd measure keep gells, creams and awkward hogwash)

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Sophie please write me i am your biggest and number#1 fan


I don't care what he looks like... I still love him and think he's gorgeous. In my eyes, he will forever be the sexiest immortal alive. Best buddies, Brendan. Lots of love... TD xoxoxoxox


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You need to get a life. Put some Nair on your head in the shape of a balding pattern and go that way for life and then take your own advice.

While you're at it, take the Crayola off your faces you splurge on everyday to conceal the nasty face you really have.

Women are ridiculous. No wonder there is more of you and men still run the show.

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