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Estimados amigos:

Reciba un cordial saludo, desde de Mérida Venezuela.

Sí le molesta la calvicie, entonces interésese por leer "TODA" esta novedosa investigación... ... La "CALVICIE" es como la "POBREZA", todos la detestamos pero, el conformismo hace que soportemos esa desagradable calvicie, para toda la vida... Sin conocimientos previos de lo terrible que es la alopecia, nunca vas a dejar de ser un calvo más de esta sociedad.


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Steve Grindley

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why cant you leave people like tis alone every guy gets bald or goes grey it natural so back off

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i still think he is cute as a button. don't people get winkles and get more hair on spots that you don't need?

it's just the way it is. i think we should embrace the cahnge. actors dig deep when they get old. winkles help. hair lose helps too.


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Fuck you asshole, you're a dick. There is nothing they can do about that..


What kind of weird and paradoxical messages are you sending your readers? On the one hand, you claim that you'd never watch a film with Fraser if he were sporting his natural bald head and the other on the other, you suggest he's vain and clinging to his vanity as a result of the piece. So which is it? Is he a vain idiot or is he wearing one to maintain shallow viewers like yourself? BTW, I've got a very full head of my own hair, so I'm not some angry bald guy; just confused about your rather contradictory article. You leave the guy in an impossible situation. If he wears one, he's an insecure vanity project and if he doesn't, he's an unwatchable actor.

Big Love

I love brendan fraser,...with,...and without hair,...!!!



Paul Baines

Hey the more baldies the better, I've been shaving my ever receeding hairline for years, I say get more bald guys in the movies hah.


Perfect, full hair for leading men is no different than perfect boobs and youth for leading ladies. Nice to look at,but doesn't do anyone any real good and skews people's real expectations.

Besides, how many real doctors and scientists leading their fields are hot sluts in their twenties?

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To your blog, I learned a lot! This also is very good!


Brendan Te amo y siempre te amare. No me importa como te veas!

john abraham

if guy can date lady with wig, so why can the ladies.
I personally think it dont matter what person do to look good, as long as he look good, he will attract women.

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Yeah really, still he is looking very Handsome....

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