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I'm sorry but I've got to disagree with you there. I think his hair looks great compared to his earlier years.

Go Billy! I'd definitely do him now. Oh shit, I probably would have done him then!


I loved his mullet back then!! I still like his hair and I think he's good looking no matter what kind of hair cut he has.


Um...the mullet he used to have WAS suitable for the decade it was in. I mean, that was in 1992, I remember because I was 12 and I got to school earlier than usual the day I saw the video for "Achy Breaky Heart" on CMT for the first time. I couldn't wait to tell my best friend about it. You know how middle-school girls are. When there are blood-curdling screams, it's a good thing. At least to a 12 year old it is. Anyway...he was hot then, and he's hot now in a totally different way.




I think Billy looks sad. Like Cher and Dolly Parton (who I adore by the way), he's trying too hard to look young. Please accept your age with grace Billy and stop with the streaking and the weaves and the flat ironing. Just get a nice normal man cut - see George Clooney or Brad Pitt or Clive Owen or Clint Eastwood or any man you see on the street who doesn't have a girl's hairstyle and show your stylist a photo of that person.
You are an attractive man Billy Ray. You don't need girl hair.


I would have to agree with Natalie 100%. Billy needs a man cut terribly. He is amazing in any Do, but would be rockin in a nice tight cut. Do it!!

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Yum Yum So so very very cute! I wish could have been there...You booth turned out so darling. I'll be in touch....I'm glad Elliot made it to market's so good to see he's still around, love the tux.

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Thanks for this post. The timing could not have been more perfect.

Casey Anderson

To Natalie: Some people look a damn lot better with long hair than with short hair. Some men hate the way they look when they have short hair but like the way that look with long hair and people who dye their hair looks a lot better with their hair long. Take me for example I dyed my hair Auburn brown and when i look at old pictures of my hair when the hair is short people(my friends) tell me i might look better with long hair the only problem is combing and untangling the long hair. My old hair color was an in-between hair color of light brown and medium brown and yes i'm a guy.

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I'll have been collection everything about the album "Wanna Be Your" because Joe was Billy Ray's first country album since 2000s Southern Rain.


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